Thursday, 13 October 2011

Well, that WAS a long interview...

As you may have guessed I was not at an interview for over a month. I do have to apologize for being unavailable to write about part of my journey into marketing, but between a chest infection and moving house it has not been easy to sit down and write/find the internet. However, good news everyone;I have had the honour in getting an internship! But before you all start the grieving over the loss of my joyful writing, don't worry, I'm in this for the long haul! I've started a career course prior to the internship which is going rather well! 

My biggest suggestion at the moment to anyone looking for ANY job and going to an interview would be - BE CONFIDENT! And that is all for now folks. I'll try and come up with some more dreadfully boring inspiration tomorrow! If anyone happens to have any questions, or just needs directions on how to avoid clicking on my page again, please feel free to ask!

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