Saturday, 26 November 2011


Over the past couple of weeks I have been given more and more responsibility at my fancy new internship, one such responsibility being the takeover of twitter! Unfortunately for me I was not yet an avid user of twitter but I have recently been trying to turn that all around.

I'm finding it all a bit mad, but absolutely addictive! Someone please pull me back into the real world! Reading about  what's going on just about anywhere is very exciting. I feel like most of us did after mobile phones started popping up - we didn't know we needed them until they were invented! I'm sure there must be a GREAT marketing lesson in there somewhere!

Along the lines of marketing, I'm wondering how twitter actually started up and became such a large company. I recently found out that the creator of created a multi-million pound empire (and currently runs said empire with just four employees in total) with a, probably over done (but badly done) idea of a dating website. It's success was largely due to the use of Search Engine Optimization. It is ever so exciting, I personally always thought Google just picked which websites were at the top of your search list through a magic wand (i.e. I never really thought about it) but it seems there are many, many factors involved (including relevant content and back links - not that I'm completely clued up on it all yet - it has only been three weeks)!

Although I may not be completely clued up on it all yet, I'm definitely ready to get involved in twitter more often. A smart phone will definitely be top of my Christmas list, I think. 

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