Thursday, 16 February 2012

#Thought For Thursday

I've found an interesting guide to using social media websites to grow your brand presence and audience (found at on this blog - that's right, I'm blogging about something on a blog). 
Viral video's on youtube
- involve either babies or pets and you're onto a winner!

It's important to think of who your clients are (or who you want them to be) and applying your own knowledge of how much they may use a site and what they like to read, watch or listen to. Social media is all about getting involved in an online 'conversation' and getting your brand out there. Being involved should be an important part of any marketing strategy - your 'word of mouth' business can definitely be increased by getting involved - especially if you had something that went viral! [Obviously I mean a video or article - not that you're spreading swine flu like there's no tomorrow]

Take a look at this illustrated guide to get a better picture about what's going on in the interwebs - and where your business might find it's place:
An investigation of 'Tumblr' may be necessary...

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