Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Marketing Myself

Passing the first post and jumping the first hurdle of finding a job: What job do I want? 

I'm sure this is EXACTLY my expression while writing this blog...
I have always approached career problems with a head over heart manner, looking first and foremost at the logical side of things. [I have recently discovered this could mean that marketing in the career sector could be best focused using an 'informational approach' rather than an 'emotional approach'] This time, I decided to go with my heart however, which has told me one thing (since I saw the film 'Picture Perfect' when I was 12)...MARKETING!

Since that first glimmer of my dream, my passion has been spurred on by a Media Studies course at school where we created advert's [both using film and journalistic medias] along with the inspiration of my parents (of which there are 3, so far!) who have all shown an incredible understanding of the business world, both my dad and step-dad have became more successful than most men and my mother (along with a multitude of creative talents) has even been nominated for a new business award. I am a lucky girl to have such amazing genes, and I do hope to follow in their very big footsteps!

I have struggled to try and fit everything I want to say in personal statements and it is hard to show you are passionate about something through your listed academic history so on the helpful advice of a lady within the business, I have begun this blog.

I may be new to this but I think the best thing to do when you start a blog may be to decide on what to write about. Using a blog, how do I present my employ-ability in a more interesting way, in order to grab the attention of a marketing company? Then it hit me...Market myself!

In the foreseeable future I am going to add to my experience by developing a marketing plan and putting it into place, where I, 'One Girl' am going to represent the product/service that I am marketing . 

To start with, I had a look at my competitors and why they may be chosen above me. The two main reasons I came up with were;
1)     More knowledge in the area, such as a Marketing Degree
2)     Work experience.
I have applied for a lot of internships to address the second issue, however, instead of just waiting by my laptop (which so far has proved only good in advancing my ability to waste time rather than my career)  I have taken this project upon myself to try and create my own 'work experience'. Why wait for someone to offer me work experience? I’m offering it to myself! Being my own boss I can say I’m well suited to this job, and my perfect candidate! But on a more serious note, I have started reading a textbook on marketing to educate myself, making me my own teacher. I’ve only had to be put on the naughty step twice!

Reading this textbook last night, I discovered some very exciting ideas on marketing plans (So exciting that they kept me up till 5am writing this blog!). My first plan of action is to write a marketing plan. This marketing plan is going to be planned as I might plan a journey. I'm going to draw a map starting with where I am, ending in where I want to be, and will try and fill in the paths that could lead me there. Now....if only I had some paper....

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