Wednesday, 17 August 2011

So I get One Ball up in the Air....

...And Suddenly a Million Come flying at me!

I am wishing my real ham sandwich was this huge!
Just started this blog and suddenly quite a few opportunities have come to surface! Be careful what you wish for, I'm going to be a very busy bee for a while folks!
As you know, I had began my research into marketing plans when all of a sudden (with a ham sandwich in my  mouth) I get a call and... I've been invited to an interview! Being proactive about what you want seems to be paying off!

The interview is for an internship combined with a course, which has so far been my 1st choice of everything I have applied for. This is because starts off with a month long preparation course where I hope there will be plenty of chance to get some great advice on furthering my career (as it is run by the career service, I’m pretty sure they are the people for the job!) and be free to ask any questions along the way that may worry me about the upcoming internship.

A little overview of the course...
I hope my marketing plan turns out this professional!
So, I am about to embark on the next step of my journey - an interview and a 5 minute presentation on ‘How I believe the internship will help me achieve my career goals’. The interview is supposed to be like any normal interview, so I will be preparing for it using my research skills on the internet (a skill you must develop as a poor student with an expensive shoe addiction) and by getting a few words of wisdom from the parental people (as they tend to, annoyingly, know just about everything). The presentation is a little harder though...I’m starting to worry about keeping to time and I haven’t even started writing it yet!

I’m career goals are fairly simple. I want to be prime minister followed by queen on the universe. But before that, I really think a job such as a marketing account manager sounds like a lot of fun and it seems like it comes with a great sense of achievement. So how do I get there, and how will this internship help me on the way?

I guess its back to writing up my marketing least I know my product pretty well!

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