Monday, 9 January 2012

Google Ad Marketing

It's now the end of the Christmas period and we're all back to work! I am weirdly excited by this because although there will be less lie ins and probably no presents, it means I get to get started on a new campaign! With new experiences ahead and feeling a little more experienced than before, I'm jumping into January head first!
Now we know where all the big money's made...
I have tip-toed into Google Ads with the help of my supervisors and it seems rather scary! The costs are complex to work out, but seem extremely cost effective as you can reach out to specific people who are searching for specific terms. So, unlike just spamming all of Google and annoying everyone who uses it, cleverly we can pay to only show up on certain searches. So when you search 'internet marketing fife' Vital Hike should be turning up at the no.1 spot on Google (if I've done my homework!). If you're searching to check I'm not having you on, by all means go forth onto Google, but please don't click on the ad! Or I'll be sending you the bill :D Unless of course if you need some internet marketing services or web design, in which case, click away and spread the word!
Running a Google Ad campaign has been very fun and I keep learning as I go. One tip which I've come across is that it's very important (especially for small businesses who don't have loads of cash to throw at advertising) to research how much traffic your keywords will attract and also to work out if the people searching that term are looking for your services. It's not beneficial for you or the person searching if your website turns up when that's not what they're looking for. At first I thought, ah 'seo' or 'search engine optimization' would be a great term! And in fact, it has a huge number of people searching it (including myself) every month – Globally 11,100,00 people,  1,000,000 of which are in the UK. One million people viewing your ad may rake in the customers, however, if you consider the number of things people might search SEO for (tips and hints on SEO, how it works, careers, courses and maybe even just to find out what it stands for) it might mean that a very low number of the people searching for that term are really searching for a business like ours.
The ROI or ‘return on investment’ is highly important. This is definitely reflected in the recent tables that have shown the highest ‘cost per clicks’ were found in insurance and loans companies. If it is worth over $50 for a click (let’s say one in every five people who click will buy insurance from the company) it must mean that they will make a profit on investing $250 per new customer.
For small companies and businesses that may not make that kind of profit from their services or products, it’s important that their Google Ad Marketing is done effectively. This can be a much harder job than it is for the big companies, but I think it will be a very valuable skill to master!
Sorry if that was all gibberish and you now feel completely bored, I’m just a very keen little marketing intern that finds these things exciting! If you are interested in developing your skills and are as much of a keen bean as I am, you might be interested in Google's 'Online Marketing Challenge'!

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